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CROSS > Rainbow Berry x Jack Herer Auto
TYPE > Fast Flowering

THC < 0.4 - CBD 12% - 14% *

An F1 hybrid genetic with a great hybrid vigour and  ultra-fast flowering times, it is undoubtedly suitable for growing in humid areas.

The plant grows wide and has very pronounced apicals with few leaves; resiny and productive buds of a light emerald green with orange tones. The aroma of this variety is characterised by the sweet aroma of ripe pineapple and fresh grapefruit nuances.

Indoors she reaches full maturity in 7-8 weeks, but outdoors she can anticipate harvest in the first week of September. This fast flowering makes RAINBOW BERRY FAST VERSION perfect for those who fear cold and wet seasons that bring mould and fungus.


grapefruits and ananas

55 days with a yield 500 g/m² **

600 g/plant **

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Cannabinoid content (THC, CBD ...) may vary due to external factors such as substrate, grower's experience, cultivation technique, environmental conditions or genetic variation


Approximate yields and dimensions in optimal cultivation conditions.


All product information is provided ‘as is’, for informational and educational purposes only. DOWEEDO sells hemp seeds as a collectable adult genetic preservation souvenir and reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone we think might use them for cultivating cannabis in countries where it’s illegal.